Martin R Pulling: Blog en-us (C) Martin R Pulling (Martin R Pulling) Mon, 02 Feb 2015 13:29:00 GMT Mon, 02 Feb 2015 13:29:00 GMT Martin R Pulling: Blog 109 120 Anglesey, Red Squirrel weekend Sometimes you have just got to bite the bullet and go…..Thats exactly what we did this weekend, had some time spare and have been wanting to try to go back and photograph the Red Squirrels on Anglesey for a while.  So the plan was simple…Squirrels by day and landscapes early morning and at sunset….……Mmm, Good plan !! First morning the light was not good but it did start to snow…We Had some serious fun watching the Squirrels in the white stuff, the photographs weren't brilliant, but that was well outweighed by the enjoyment we had witnessing the antics of the tufties from the warmth of the car. The following morning the view of the snow covered mountains we could see from our cottage was too much of a pull, and it was in the car for a spin across the Menai Bridge to get a close-up.  It was really windy and far to cold to go for a long walk in the mountains without the right clothes, but still a great way to spend a day. Once again the following morning it was another change in the weather, though still really cold and windy,  the sun came out in buckets so it was off down the beach. I can recommend Newborough beach whole heartedly and the walk out to llanddwyn Island is a must…be careful with the tides though…it does get cut off for an hour or so either side of high tide. An early start on Sunday morning meant a last chance to get some shots of the Red Squirrels in the sunshine…..Less than an hour after spreading some Hazelnuts on the ground, the little Tuffties were almost climbing on top of me. In fact they were so close I changed from my 500mm lens and lay on the ground with my 200mm…..What more could a man ask for? Then  after a quick bite to eat at Hootens farm shop…Oh , if only I wasn't on a diet..AGAIN… was over the Menai bridge and Orfff home  :-(

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Rhossili to Fall bay walk A great day for a walk on Gower. After a light meal at "The bay Bistro" it was off for a fine walk. Although at times it was really cold, still there were surfers out enjoying and at times it was almost t-shirt weather. A view across Fall bay to Fall bay Buttress saw the appearance of a feint  rainbow.

And although the carpark was busy, by the time we worked our way back the area south of Worms head was surprisingly quiet.





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Mynydd Y Betws wind farm. Took a drive up to Betws mountain earlier today. It was so cold but the view was fantastic, definitely worth going up again with some warmer clothes and more time to play with.

Work started back in 2011 and now comprises of 16 turbines…..well thats what I counted anyway… them or loath them, they seem to be here to stay

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